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Marden Parish Council

Full Council

Marden Parish Council's Full Council meeting is held monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm.  The meetings are held at The Allens, Albion Road, Marden (opposite Stanleys Garage) and members of the public are welcome to attend.  However if you wish something specific to be added onto the agenda please inform Alison at the Parish Office by Monday of the previous week at the latest - giving details of what it is you want discussed and the reasons.

All Cllrs attend the Full Council Meetings.  The Chairman for 2019/20 is Cllr Lesley Mannington with Cllr Kate Tippen as Vice-Chairman.

An Extra Ordinary Full Council meeting has been called for 24th March 2020 commencing at 7.30 in the Main Hall, Marden Memorial Hall, Goudhurst Road, Marden,  This meeting has been moved to 12.30pm to be held in the Memorial Hall Car park due to the recent changes is Government advice.  It has been called to discuss the Coronavirus outbreak and the implications to Marden and the Parish Council.  Although members of the public are invited to attend it is highly recommended that any comments you wish to make are done via email prior to the meeting.  Many  thanks for your co-operation during this difficult time.

Dates of Future Meetings:    To be confirmed.

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on 7th April 2020 prior to the Parish Council elections.

Please note this year's Annual Parish Meeting was held on Tuesday 16th April 2019

Full Council Minutes, Agendas and Briefing Notes May 2019 to April 2020.

Essential Changes to Manage CoVid-19 Essential-Changes-to-Manage-High-Consequence-Infectious-Diseases-and-Other-Emergencies.pdf 612.9 KB Draft EFCM Minutes 24th March 2020 Draft-EFCM-Minutes-24032020.pdf 779 KB Agenda EFCM 24th March 2020 EFCM-Agenda-24032020.doc 508 KB Draft Full Council Minutes 10th March 2020 Draft-Full-Council-Minutes-10032020.pdf 803.4 KB Briefing Note 10th March 2020 Briefing-Note-10032020.pdf 828.3 KB Agenda 10th March 2020 Agenda-10032020.pdf 882 KB Agreed Full Council Minutes 11th February 2020 Agreed-Full-Council-Minutes-10022020.pdf 820.4 KB Briefing Note 11th February 2020 Briefing-Note-11022020.pdf 794.7 KB Agenda 11th February 2020 Agenda-11022020.pdf 407.9 KB Agreed EFCM Minutes 28th January 2020 Agreed-EFCM-28012020.pdf 761.4 KB EFCM Agenda 28th January 2020 EFCM-Agenda-28012020.pdf 811.5 KB Agreed Full Council Minutes 14th January 2020 Agreed-Full-Council-Minutes-14012020.pdf 815 KB Briefing Note 14th January 2020 Briefing-Note-14012020.pdf 778.7 KB Agenda 14th January 2020 Agenda-14012020.pdf 793.6 KB Agreed Full Council Minutes 10th December 2019 Agreed-Full-Council-Minutes-101219.pdf 816.9 KB Briefing Note 10th December 2019 Briefing-Note-101219.pdf 798.3 KB Agenda 10th December 2019 Agenda-101219.pdf 857.9 KB Agreed EFCM 3rd December 2019 Agreed-EFCM-031219.pdf 840.4 KB EFCM Agenda 3rd December 2019 EFCM-031219.pdf 832.5 KB Agreed Full Council Minutes 12th November 2019 Agreed-Full-Council-Minutes-121119.pdf 882.8 KB Briefing Note 12th November 2019 Briefing-Note-121119.pdf 804.3 KB Agenda 12th November 2019 Agenda-121119.pdf 801.4 KB Agreed Full Council Minutes 8th October 2019 Agreed-Full-Council-Minutes-081019.pdf 882.7 KB Briefing Note 8th October 2019 Briefing-Note-081019.pdf 804.3 KB Agenda 8th October 2019 Agenda-081019.pdf 800.3 KB Agreed Full Council Minutes 10th September 2019 Agreed-Full-Council-Minutes-100919.pdf 853.5 KB Briefing Note 10th September 2019 Briefing-Note-100919.pdf 197.8 KB Agenda 10th September 2019 Agenda-100919.pdf 201 KB Agreed Full Council Minutes 13th August 2019 Agreed-Full-Council-Minutes-130819.pdf 388.3 KB Briefing Note 13th August 2019 Briefing-Note-130819.pdf 190.7 KB Agenda 13th August 2019 Agenda-130819.pdf 194.6 KB Agreed Full Council Minutes 9th July 2019 Agreed-Full-Council-Minutes-090719.pdf 410.6 KB Agenda 9th July 2019 Agenda-090719.pdf 198.7 KB Agreed Full Council Minutes 11th June 2019 Agreed-Full-Council-Minutes-110619.pdf 413.9 KB Briefing Note 11th June 2019 Briefing-Note-110619.pdf 199.7 KB Agenda 11th June 2019 Agenda-110619.pdf 202.3 KB Agreed Full Council Minutes 7th May 2019 Agreed-Full-Council-Minutes-070519.pdf 425.5 KB APCM Briefiing Note 7th May 2019 APCM-Briefing-Note-070519.pdf 205.8 KB APCM Agenda 7th May 2019 APCM-Agenda-070519.pdf 196.7 KB

Historical Minutes 2015/2016

APCM Minutes 12th May 2015 APCM-Minutes-120515.pdf 292.1 KB Full Council Minutes 9th June 2015 Full-Council-Minutes-090615.pdf 219.8 KB EFCM Minutes 16th June 2015 Extraordinary-Full-Council-Minutes-160615v2.pdf 160.2 KB Full Council Minutes 14th July 2015 Full-Council-Minutes-140715.pdf 390.8 KB EFCM Minutes 21st July 2015 Extraordinary-Full-Council-Minutes-210715.pdf 217.8 KB Full Council Minutes 11th August 2015 Full-Council-Minutes-110815.pdf 212.8 KB Full Council Minutes 8th September 2015 Full-Council-Minutes-080915.pdf 392.3 KB Full Council Minutes 13th October 2015 Full-Council-Minutes-131015.pdf 369.7 KB EFCM Minutes 20th October 2015 Extraordinary-Full-Council-Minutes201015.pdf 209.2 KB Full Council Minutes 10th November 2015 Full-Council-Minutes-101115.pdf 402 KB EFCM Minutes 17th November 2015 EFCM-Minutes-171115.pdf 310.1 KB Full Council Minutes 8th December 2015 Full-Council-Minutes-081215.pdf 361.8 KB Full Council Minutes 12th January 2016 Full-Council-Minutes-120116.pdf 358.9 KB EFCM Minutes 26th January 2016 Extraordinary-Full-Council-Minutes-260116.pdf 157.9 KB EFCM Minutes 2nd February 2016 Extraordinary-Full-Council-Minutes-020216.pdf 181.6 KB Full Council Minutes 9th February 2016 Full-Council-Minutes-090216.pdf 218.6 KB EFCM Minutes 1st March 2016 Extraordinary-Full-Council-Minutes-010316.pdf 184.9 KB Full Council Minutes 8th March 2016 Full-Council-Minutes-080316.pdf 226.2 KB EFCM Minutes 15th March 2016 Extraordinary-Full-Council-Minutes-150316.pdf 204.1 KB Full Council Minutes 12th April 2016 Full-Council-Minutes-120416.pdf 207.5 KB EFCM Minutes 19th April 2016 Extraordinary-Full-Council-Minutes-190416.pdf 215.9 KB