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Marden Parish Council

MPC's Submission to sites 226, 309 & 318

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a feedback form or comments regarding MBC's recent Call for Sites.  The Parish Council has produced documents of all the responses received and a brief summary of the ones received via feedback forms.

All the responses, comments and those added as Annexes have been combined into a folder along with the full response from Marden Parish Council on sites 226, 309 & 318.  This have now been submitted to Maidstone Borough Council.

Please see below the information collated from comments, photographs and other information received together with MPC's response.  Please note the MPOG Technical Document (Annex 4a) was too big a document to upload however please let the Parish Office know if you wish to view.

Cllrs are currently reviewing the other sites relevant to the parish and any comments received will be taken on board when discussing these.  If you have any further information available you wish to submit please do so by the end of February at which time the Parish Council will be responding to MBC .  If anything is received after this date it will be kept on file for any future responses.

MPC's response to sites 226, 309 & 318 MPC-response-to-MBC-CfS-11012020-v4.docx 38.1 KB Least Suitable Feedback from Open Days CfS-Least-Suitable-Feedback-from-Open-Days-15th-&-16th-November-2019.xlsx 17.1 KB Least Suitable Feedback 18th to 29th November 2019 CfS-Least-Suitable-Feedback-from-18th-to-29th-November.pdf 610.5 KB Suitable Feedback from Open Days CfS-Suitable-Feedback-from-Open-Days-15th-&-16th-November-2019.pdf 572.8 KB Suitable Feedback from 18th to 29th November 2019 CfS-Suitable-Feedback-18th-to-29th-November-2019.pdf 582.7 KB CfS Summary of Feedback responses Summaries.xlsx 21.1 KB CfS Comments received (not on Feedback forms) CfS-Comments-received.pdf 436.6 KB Annex 1 of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-1.pdf 456.6 KB Annex 2 of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-2.pdf 37.2 KB Annex 3 of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-3.pdf 272.5 KB Annex 4b of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-4b.pdf 329.7 KB Annex 4c of Comments received Cfs-Comments-Annex-4c.pdf 601.2 KB Annex 4d of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-4d.pdf 571.9 KB Annex 5a of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-5a.pdf 535.8 KB Annex 5b of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-5b.pdf 384.8 KB Annex 5c of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-5c.pdf 1.7 MB Annex 5d of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-5d.pdf 2.5 MB Annex 5e of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-5e.pdf 158.5 KB Annex 5f of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-5f.pdf 180.2 KB Annex 6a of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-6a.pdf 581.5 KB Annex 6b of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-6b.pdf 212.6 KB Annex 6c of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-6c.pdf 691.7 KB Annex 7 of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-7.pdf 716.8 KB Annex 8 of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-8.pdf 434.2 KB Annex 9 of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-9.pdf 518.2 KB Annex 10 of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-10.pdf 556.6 KB Annex 11 of Comments received CfS-Comments-Annex-11.pdf 14.7 KB Annex 12 photographs CfS-Photos-Annex-12.pdf 1.4 MB Annex 13 photographs CfS-Photos-Annex-13.docx 5.7 MB