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Finance Committee Minutes/Agendas

Due to the Website Accessibility Regulations coming into force in September 2020 Minutes from September 2018 have had to be adapted as to be accessible to all.  If you are still experiencing issues in reading these please let Ali know on 01622 832305 or email [email protected]

Marden Parish Council's Finance Committee meets quarterly throughout the year to discuss the Parish Council's finance, budget and precept.  Agendas are published the week before each meeting and can be viewed on notice boards around the parish and on here.

The next Finance Committee meeting will be held on 18th January to finalise the budget and precept for 2022/23 

Councillors on Finance Committee:
Cllr Richard Adam (Chairman)
Cllr Anne Boswell
Cllr Theresa Gibson
Cllr Tom Stevens
Cllr Kate Tippen
Cllr Andy Turner

Alison Hooker clerks the Finance Committee meetings