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Marden Parish Council

Risk Assessments

Marden Parish Council undertakes risk assessments on all aspects of council responsibilities and duties.

The play equipment at Marden Playing Field & Napoleon Drive and the play trail at Southons Field are inspected bi-weekly by the village caretaker (or in his absence the Clerk/Deputy Clerk) and annually by an independent Play Inspection company.  The playing field play area is also inspected monthly by Maidstone Borough Council.

External hirers of Southons Field and Playing Field must undertake their own risk assessment of the activities involved and a copy of this and their own public liability insurance to be provided to the Clerk.

A full tree audit was undertaken in April 2018 and the village caretaker undertakes a monthly check on all Parish Council owned trees, located along Rookery Path, in the Playing Field, at Southons Field and the Cemetery.

All risk assessments are reviewed annually or if anything changes in the operation of the activity

Risk Assessments

List of Risk Assessments 2019 List-of-Risk-Assessments-2019.pdf 394.9 KB Cemetery Risk Assessment 2019 Cemetery-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 259.9 KB Christmas Event Risk Assessment 2019 Christmas-Event-December-2019.pdf 260.7 KB Christmas Tree Risk Assessment 2019 Christmas-Tree-Risk-Assessment-Nov-2019.pdf 324.5 KB Events Risk Assessment 2019 Events-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 321.7 KB Grounds Maintenance Risk Assessment 2019 Grounds-Maintenance-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 265.5 KB Health & Safety Policy 2019 Health-and-Safety-Policy-2019.pdf 236.5 KB Litter Pick Risk Assessment 2019 Litter-Pick-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 329.2 KB Memorials Risk Assessment 2019 Memorials-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 253 KB Office Alarm Risk Assessment 2019 Office-Alarm-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 223.1 KB Office Risk Assessment 2019 Office-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 243.1 KB Office Fire Risk Assessment 2019 Office-Fire-Risk-Assessment-February-2019.pdf 239 KB Parish Assets Risk Assessment 2019 Parish-Assets-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 313.7 KB Play Equipment & Play Trail Risk Assessment 2019 Play-Equipment-and-Play-Trail-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 261.3 KB Playing Field Risk Assessment 2019 Playing-Field-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 239 KB Public Conveniences Risk Assessment 2019 Public-Conveniences-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 250.8 KB Snow Clearance Risk Assessment 2019 Snow-Clearance-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 258.4 KB Southons Field Beacon Risk Assessment 2019 Southons-Field-Beacon-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 259.8 KB Southons Field Risk Assessment 2019 Southons-Field-Risk-Assessment-Feb-2019.pdf 267.9 KB