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Local Website Links

Please see below links for village organisations and other groups.  If you wish to add your group's link to this list please contact Alison at [email protected]

To be included in the following list websites must meet the following criteria:

(i)         Only Marden, surrounding parishes and local & central government website links will be published;
(ii)        The primary intent of the website is to educate or inform;
(iii)       The site’s owner or sponsor is easily identifiable, and contact information is provided;
(iv)       The site does not charge for access;
(v)        The site does not promote a specific political or social agenda;
(vi)       The site provides useful information on local services for the community.


Since website content may change or disappear entirely without notice, the council cannot be held responsible for the content or accuracy of external websites.

This list is in no particular order and the Parish Council cannot take responsibility for any of the information on the relevant websites

Organisation/Group Website

Marden Bowls Club

Marden Business Forum

Marden Congregational Chapel

Marden Events

Marden History Group

Marden Horticultural Society

Marden in Bloom

Marden Medical Centre

Marden Memorial Hall

Marden Parish Church

Marden Primary School

Marden Scout Group

Marden Society

Marden Tennis Club

Marden Theatre Group

Marden Village Club

Forte Weald of Kent Music School