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Marden Parish Council

Amenities Committee

Marden Parish Council's Amenities Committee meets bi-monthly on the 4th Tuesday of the relevant month commencing at 7.30pm.  The meetings are held in the Parish Office meeting room and any resident is welcome to attend.  Agendas are published on the Tuesday of the week before the meeting and advertised on notice boards around the parish and on here.  If you wish any subject to be discussed please let Rachel in the Parish Office know  by the Monday of the week before the meeting giving details of the item and reasons for the request.

The next Amenities Committee meeting will be on Tuesday 25th February 2020 in the Parish Office meeting room, Goudhurst Road, Marden.

Cllrs sitting on the Amenities Committee are:

Richard Adam
Anne Boswell (Vice Chair)
Mick Jones
Ian Newton
Lesley Mannington
Jean Robertson (Chairman)
Kate Tippen
Andy Turner

Rachel Gillis-Coates clerks for the Amenities Committee

Historical Agendas & Minutes 2017/2018

Draft Amenities Minutes 24th April 2018 Draft-Amenities-Minutes-240418.pdf 218.3 KB Amenities Briefing Note 24th April 2018 Amenities-Briefing-Note-240418.pdf 196.4 KB Amenities Agenda 24th April 2018 Amenities-Agenda-240418.pdf 194 KB Amenities Minutes 27th March 2018 Agreed-Amenities-Minutes-270318.pdf 252.4 KB Briefing Notes 27th March 2018 Amenities-Briefing-Note-270318.pdf 197.2 KB Amenities Agenda 27th March 2018 Amenities-Agenda-270318.pdf 195.5 KB Amenities Minutes 30th January 2018 Agreed-Amenities-Minutes-300118.pdf 248.1 KB Briefing Note 30th January 2018 Amenities-Briefing-Notes-300118.pdf 743.1 KB Amenities Agenda 30th January 2018 Amenities-Agenda-300118.pdf 741.6 KB Amenities Minutes 28th November 2017 Agreed-Amenities-Minutes-281117.pdf 842.3 KB Briefing Notes 28th November 2017 Amenities-Briefing-Notes-281117.pdf 789.4 KB Amenities Agenda 28th November 2017 Amenities-Agenda-281117.pdf 779.5 KB Amenities Minutes 24th October 2017 Agreed-Amenities-Minutes-241017.pdf 838.2 KB Briefing Notes 24th October 2017 Amenities-Briefing-Notes-241017.pdf 821.4 KB Amenities Agenda 24th October 2017 Amenities-Agenda-241017.pdf 193.1 KB Amenities Minutes 26th September 2017 Agreed-Amenities-Minutes-260917.pdf 855.6 KB Briefing Notes 26th September 2017 Amenities-Briefing-Note-260917.doc 495.5 KB Amenities Agenda 26th September 2017 Amenities-Agenda-260917.doc 493.5 KB Amenities Minutes 22nd August 2017 Agreed-Amenities-Minutes-220817.pdf 849.8 KB Briefing Notes 22nd August 2017 Amenities-Briefing-Note-220817.doc 496.5 KB Amenities Agenda 22nd August 2017 Amenities-Agenda-220817.doc 494 KB Amenities Minutes 25th July 2017 Agreed-Amenities-Minutes-250717.pdf 829.9 KB Briefing Notes 25th July 2017 Amenities-Briefing-Notes-250717.pdf 743.6 KB Amenities Agenda 25th July 2017 Amenities-Agenda-250717.pdf 740.8 KB Amenities Minutes 27th June 2017 Agreed-Amenities-Minutes-270617.pdf 836.8 KB Briefing Notes 27th June 2017 Amenities-Briefing-Notes-270617.pdf 743.6 KB Amenities Agenda 27th June 2017 Amenities-Agenda-270617.pdf 791.6 KB Amenities Minutes 30th May 2017 Agreed-Amenities-Minutes-300517.doc 596.5 KB Briefing Notes 30th May 2017 Amenities-Briefing-Notes-300517.pdf 742.8 KB Amenities Agenda 30th May 2017 Revised-Amenities-Agenda-300517.pdf 194.5 KB