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Local Plan/Call for Sites

Marden Parish Council Planning Committee, along with several members of the public who were present, discussed MPC's response to the three large sites from MBC's Call for Sites documents (Sites 226, 309 and 318).  The full response which MPC has sent to MBC can be found under the MPC's Submission to sites 226, 309 & 318 tab.  Cllrs have been drafting a  response on the remaining sites and this will be agreed at Full Council on 10th March 2020.  Draft submissions can be viewed on the MPC's Submission to remaining sites tab.

On updates on how the Maidstone Borough Council Local Plan Review is proceeding please visit for information.

For information regarding the Call for Sites as at 4th November 2019 please visit

Maidstone Borough Council held the first stage of the Local Plan Review (which 30th September 2019) on Scoping Themes, Issues and Initial Choices (Regulation 18).  It considered the themes and key issues that the Local Plan Review will need to address.  The Local Plan Review covers: Housing Growth; Economic Growth; Retail and Leisure Growth; Locating growth - initial options and Quality of new development.

The Local Plan Review and supporting documents can be viewed on the Borough Council website (link above) or all the documents are available to download below together with the response from Marden Parish Council.

The Call for Sites document was published on 4th November 2019 and all the sites for Maidstone Borough can be viewed at

Details of all the sites were made available to the public at the Open Days arranged by the Parish Council on 15th and 16th November.  A breakdown of the sites relevant to Marden can also be seen below.

Maidstone Borough Council are now in the process of analysing all of the sites across the Borough and it is envisaged this information will be available late 2020. 

Follow Up to the Open Days on 15th and 16th November

Many thanks to all residents who provided information at the Open Days and to date on evidence and comments regarding all the Call for Sites for Marden Parish. 

Marden Parish Council, along with residents, and taking on board all the information received undertook a full discussion to send in a response to the three larger sites (226 - Land North of Staplehurst ; 309 - Land North of Marden (Maidstone Road) ; 318 - Pagehurst).  This response was sent to MBC on Thursday 30th January along with all the evidence submitted to Marden Parish Council since the Open Days on 15th and 16th November - see the MPC Submission tab on this website (under Local Plan/Call for Sites) for all the evidence submitted.

Cllrs are now in the process of looking in detail at all the other 19 sites and commence discussions at the next planning meeting on 18th February - if residents have any information/evidence they wish to submit to the Parish Council for cllrs to consider please send to Ali at [email protected] before the end of March.

Marden Parish Council draft response to Local Plan Review consultation

Final Response from Marden Parish Council File Uploaded: 23 September 2019 1 MB

Possible Future Development Proposals - Frequestly Asked Questions - March 2019

Possible Future Development Proposals FAQs March 2019 File Uploaded: 25 March 2019 764.5 KB

Maidstone Local Plan Review

There is a lot of speculation within the village about a specific site that may be put forward for development in the future.  Until this, or any site, is put forward to Maidstone Borough Council for the Local Plan Review we are unable to comment further.  To date, no planning application has been submitted.   

Maidstone Borough Council has just issued this notice about the Local Plan Review:

“Maidstone Borough Council is starting its Local Plan Review, following the adoption of the Maidstone Borough Local Plan in 2017.  An important early step in the process is a ‘Call for Sites’.

The Call for Sites is an open request for information about land and sites which may have development potential in the future. It is particularly aimed at landowners, developers and their agents but it is open to anyone to submit a site.  A key proviso is that the person submitting the site can confirm that the landowner is willing to make the land available for development should it prove suitable.

We are asking for information about land which could be suitable for the following uses;

·         Housing, including specialist housing such as housing for the elderly

·         Employment uses – offices, research & development, industrial uses and storage & distribution

·         Retail

·         Leisure eg hotels, gyms, cinemas

·         Gypsy & Traveller/Travelling Showpeople accommodation

·         Nursing and care homes

Importantly, submitting a site through the Call for Sites does not mean that it will prove suitable for inclusion in the Local Plan Review or that it will get planning permission in the future.  Its important purpose is to give the council a starting list of candidate sites to consider.

More information about the Call for Sites is available through the following link on the council’s website (please note this link will not be available until 28th February).  We have prepared an information pack which provides supporting information, including a dedicated New Garden Communities Prospectus as guidance for those wishing to promote large scale new neighbourhoods or settlements.  The dedicated submission form available on the website will give us the information we need to assess the site.

The Call for Sites closed on Friday 24th May 2019. 

Maidstone Borough Council are now spending time comprehensively assessing the planning merits of the submitted sites.  In due course the outcomes of the assessment will be compiled into a single report called a Strategic Land Availability Assessment which will be one of the evidence documents underpinning the Local Plan Review.

The current timetable sees the first public consultation on the evolving Local Plan Review document taking places in July-August 2019 with further consultations following in 2020 before the Local Plan Review is submitted for Examination in 2021.”

Marden Parish Council is committed to ensuring residents are kept informed when information about sites becomes available.  Once we have definite information from the Call for Sites process - this is hoped to be received in Autumn 2019.

If you have any queries please email the Parish Office at [email protected].