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Parish Council Pen Portraits

Marden Parish Councillors and Employees photographs - double click to view name and details

Cllr Role in MPC Pen Portrait Committees

Richard Adam

Finance Chairman & Planning Vice-Chairman

I have been a parish councillor since the elections in 2000 and sit on the Planning Committees.  I also sit on the Finance Committee which I currently chair.  I am a civil engineer by profession (specialising in highways and transportation) and am a member of the Marden History Group and Marden Village Club.




Chris Barker

Parish Cllr

I arrived in Marden in 1992 with my wife Linda and step-daughter Louise.  Having been born and raised in St Mary Cray, we set up home together in Orpington.  It wasn't until we left to come to Marden that we realised just how bad Cray and Orpington had become through constant expansion.  I continued my business in concert tour transport and managed a full forty years, retiring on my 67th birthday this year.  I enjoyed my working life immensely.  Having spent the first 10 years using The Unicorn as my "watering hole", I loved to The Working Men's Club (now The Village Club).  I never felt completely comfortable there and realised that things had to change.  I joined the committee in 2002(ish) and attempted to alter from within.  Bit by bit the club improved by gaining a different demographic of committee members, to its now "thriving position".  I now hold the position of Vice-Chairman.  I was persuaded by James Davis to join the bell ringers in 2012 (the same year as my two step granddaughters came to live with us) and have enjoyed learning the craft to my current level.  I have been elevated to steeple keeper within the past three years.  This position requires me to wind and regulate the church clock, along with the servicing and maintenance of the bells and frame.  Linda and I were awarded Special Guardianship of the girls in 2015, they were 9 and 14.  It was a wonderful day.

I stood for Parish Council back in 2008 and missed success by 7 votes.  Nine months later I declined co-option.  I am now ready to have the time to try again.  My main interest and task will be to improve transport services (rail and bus), along with attempting to improve all road services via chasing Kent Highways.  I also intend to keep a close eye on maintaining current "good feeling" of living in Marden.  I do not wish to see such a decline of quality of life and failing society as I did in Orpington.


Matt Besant

Parish Cllr

I moved to Marden in 2019 with my partner Emma. Prior to moving to Marden, I lived in several addresses in west Kent, and previously in Surrey and Plymouth. We chose to settle in Marden for the easy access to the countryside, and the general sense of quiet when out and about walking our dog, Archie. 

I am a town planner by profession, having worked for a number of private companies and local authorities during my career. Town and country planning is an area is which I have a great passion, and I see the discipline as far more than 'just a job'. 

I have joined the Parish Council out of love the village, surrounding countryside, and the people I see and meet when out about (with Archie needing at least 2 hours of walking a day!). My passion areas and aims are conserving and enhancing the countryside and green spaces, public rights of way, and walking routes, and I hope that my experience in Planning (and other) legislation, as well as my understanding of the workings of local government, will help bring some knowledge to the Parish Council that will aid in promoting those aims. I also hope to work with the Parish to enhance facilities for the local young community. My aim is to represent both the 'new' and the established residents of Marden, as well as be the voice of those less able, be that through lack of time or otherwise, to speak up for themselves.


Anne Boswell

Amenities Chairman

I have lived in the Parishes of Marden and Staplehurst since 1983 and 'semi-retired' in 2010 after many years commuting to London.  I was elected a Councillor in 2012 and am now in my third ‘term’ and since that time, many things have changed in our Parish over the last few years.  As a Parish Councillor, I believe it is important to engage with the whole community in a positive and proactive way.  I am passionate about our village and like to be involved in as many areas as possible and believe communication is a key element.  I am involved in a variety of projects and have drafted the Parish Newsletter for a number of years aiming to get out as much information as possible to residents. I have been Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Amenities Committee helping to ensure the open space areas in the Parish are well maintained to help to improve the quality and life of residents and the environment. Going forward, I am involving myself more on the Planning side.

I am also Chairman of Marden in Bloom which was set up in 2016, the main aim of which is to enhance the attractiveness of our village.  I have run various fitness classes, love travelling, food and of course being involved with my lovely family.






Matt Burton

Finance Vice-Chairman

In spite of having moved to Marden as recently as April 2021, my family’s company, Burtons, has been based on Pattenden Lane throughout my life and I have been coming here regularly since a very young age, and working here ever since my first Saturday job, back in 2010.

I have always taken public service and local representation to heart and previously sat as a Maidstone Borough Councillor for 5 years, before moving out of the town to the Parish. Amongst many other things, during my time representing the residents of Park Wood, I coordinated a successful campaign alongside the local Residents’ Association to keep open and maintain Heather House community centre. Works are now ongoing on a potential million-pound renovation of the much-loved facility. I also accrued a good amount of experience in dealing with a broad range of local government policy, from social housing, to waste management, enforcement and planning. I hope to be able to bring this knowledge now to Marden, for the benefit of all its residents.





Theresa Gibson

Parish Cllr

As a child I lived in Canada for 10 years and returned to UK where I later met and married my husband.  We have grown up children and grandchildren.

My husband is ex Military so as a family we have lived in various different places around the UK and overseas. Living in Towns and Rural environments over the years, which gives me a rich tapestry of understanding different lifestyles and backgrounds.

On leaving the Military before moving to Marden, we settled for a number of years in London.  

I have a broad spectrum of skills gained in my working life in Administration, Retail, Recruitment, Legal Compliance,  HR and Computer Support for The Department of Work and Pensions to name a few career paths. 

During my time in London I undertook voluntary work with Bromley Council representing  Tenants and Leaseholders in my area. Attending Council Meetings and forums. I was also a member of The Federation of Council Tenants and Leaseholders.

I worked with a steering group made up of MP's, charitable organisations, The Federation of Council Tenants and  Leaseholders and Bromley Council, which was set up to inform and represent Tenants and Leaseholders in the sale of Bromley Council Housing Stock,  to Broomleigh Housing Association. I was subsequently elected to sit on the Area Board of Broomleigh Housing Association once the sell off was completed to represent Tenants and Leaseholders.

So I have always had an interest in where I live and to try and effect the needs and requirements of all local Residents and representing them to the best of my ability.

That doesn't make me an expert by any means,  but I hope to be able to continue to work to benefit the Residents of Marden. 

I'm considered a newbie to Marden as we only moved here 5 years ago. We chose to move to Marden as we fell in love with the village and its unique village lifestyle and want this to be our forever home.   In the short time we have been here we have made some amazing friends and acquaintances.   We have actively participated in various Groups in the village,  including The Save Marden campaign.  

I have participated in Parish Council Meetings and taken part in contributing to The Marden Neighbourhood Plan and MBC Local Plan.

I love all things Marden and standing as a Parish Councillor for me was an obvious step for me to continue to represent Marden and its Resident's from now and into the future.





Ian Newton

Parish Cllr

I have been a Marden resident since 1956 and plan to stay. I was elected for the first time onto Marden Parish Council in 2000 and have remained a Cllr in all the subsequent years. Presently I sit on the Amenities and Planning Committees as well as several sub-committees and have a humungous interest in getting the best for the village where I live.  


I have also been a Trustee of the Memorial Hall for several years, presently Chairman,  a founder member and committee member of the Marden Theatre Group, founder member of  Marden History Group and member of the Steering Group that manages the Marden Heritage Centre.


Personal interest/hobbies, in no particular order, photography, mechanical engineering, information technology, music, drama, local history






Jean Robertson

Amenities Vice-Chairman

I was born and brought up in Portsmouth but have lived in Marden for the past forty years and my career in teaching included schools in London, Marden and Wye.

I have two children, two grandchildren and two cats.  My interests are reading, theatre, WI and Marden's Heritage.

I joined the Parish Council in 2012 and the experience has been a steep but very interesting learning curve.  There's a lot to learn and I'm grateful to my more knowledgeable colleagues and their experience of Parish matters.

I enjoy working for this lovely village and hope to continue for many years to come.




Tom Stevens JP

Parish Cllr

Career in building surveying since leaving college, working for local authorities, Blue Chip companies and large privately-owned estate in the Harley Street Conservation area and USA until retirement.

Previously: a councillor on Yalding Parish Council.  A Justice of the Peace for over 20yrs and served in Kent as Magistrate for 18 yrs, chair taker in the criminal court for over 15yrs. A member of the Independent Monitoring Board of local prisons. Director/Trustee at Pepenbury a home for adults with learning difficulties

A Local Education Authority School Governor at St Margaret's C.E primary school Collier Street for 16 yrs and chair of governors for 10 yrs. Chairman of Building committees and committee member on various other organisations. Trustee and governor at Mascalls Academy Paddock Wood.

Vice chair, Director and Trustee of the Tunbridge Wells, Cranbrook, and Paddock Wood Citizens Advice Bureau.

Currently Trustee of a pension fund. Recently elected chair of Marden branch of Royal British Legion. Enjoying being involved as a parish councillor.

Vice-Chairman of Compaid Trust (Paddock Wood)

Interests local history, planning, conservation, environment and genealogy.




Kate Tippen

Marden Parish Council Chairman

Although not Marden born and bred I have lived here since 1981 and during that time have tried to play a full part in village life.  I have served on the Parish Council since 2004 and was honoured to be Chairman of the Council from May 2016 to May 2018 and I am now Vice-Chairman.  My aim is to lead a forward thinking, transparent council that embraces change whilst respecting the physical and cultural heritage of our village.

I retired in March 2017 after 30+ years working in Financial Services and apart from spending more time on Parish Council work I am a National Trust volunteer, enjoy gardening, walking our wonderful footpaths, travel, food and wine!

Ex-officio on Committees and Sub-Committees


Andy Turner

Marden Parish Vice-Chairman & Planning Chairman

I was born and raised in Marden over 40 years ago.  Marden is my home.  I attended Marden Pre-School and Marden Primary School and completed by A levels at Cornwallis School.  I worked for a number of years in retail before changing my career and obtaining a degree in Building Surveying.  I have been employed by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council as a Building Control Surveyor for the last 16 years.

My interests include reading, ballroom dancing, astronomy, cooking, travel and, of course, the Parish Council. 

I was elected to Marden Parish Council in 2012.  This honour has allowed me to really get involved with the work of the Council and the life of the parish.  I am proud to be the Chairman of the Marden Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Ex-officio on Committees


Alison Hooker

Parish Clerk

I started working at Marden Parish Council in September 2002 and continue to enjoy my role working 37 hours per week.  I am employed as the Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer and both roles are interesting and very varied.

I grew up in the village and my husband's parents still live here.  I was one of the first to attend Marden Pre-School and also attended Marden Primary School.

I have two sons, four grandchildren and live in Cranbrook with my husband, Mike.

I have always worked within Local Government firstly at Kent Police and then Kent County Council. 

I was pleased to obtain the Certificate in Local Council Administration in November 2006 which helped me have a better understanding of Parish Councils.


Clerk to Finance, HR and Planning


Rachel Gillis-Coates

Deputy Parish Clerk

I moved to Marden in 2003 and have been passionate about our community and village ever since by being involved in the Committees of Marden Pre-School Playground, Marden in Bloom, Marden Primary School PTA and Marden Theatre Group.

I have two daughters, both of whom attended Marden Primary School and now attend a secondary school in Maidstone.

I hope to bring my knowledge of social media, communication and running events to Marden Parish Council in order to make our village even better than what it is.

I enjoy walking my dogs Milo and Murphy around the village, cycling, socialising and going to the gym.

Clerk to Amenities


Hollie Savory

Admin Assistant

Began working for Marden Parish Council in September 2021


Ian Jones

Cemetery Caretaker

Has been tending the cemetery for the past 30 years.  Thank you Ian

Chris Prince

Village Caretaker

Began work for Marden Parish Council on 21st August 2017