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Marden Parish Council

Policies & Procedures/CoVid-19 Policies

Marden Parish Council Policies and Procedures.  These are reviewed annually unless amendments are required - if this is the case they are presented to the next available Council/Committee meeting for agreement/adoption.

To view the Marden Design Statement, please contact the Parish Office on 01622 832305 or pop in during office hours.

Please see below under the relevant Committees:

Co-Vid Policies and Guidelines




High Consequence Infectious Disease Policy (HCID) March 2020 High-Consequence-Infectious-Disease-Policy.pdf 411.1 KB CCTV Policy June 2019 CCTV-Policy-June-2019.pdf 789.7 KB Community Engagement Policy June 2019 Community-Engagement-Policy-June-2019.pdf 359.3 KB Complaints Handling Procedure June 2019 Complaints-Handling-Procedure-June-2019.pdf 338.6 KB Co-Option Policy June 2019 Co-Option-Policy-June-2019.pdf 364.8 KB Equality and Diversity & DDA Policy June 2019 Equality-and-Diversity&-DDA-Policy-June-2019.pdf 400.2 KB Filming of Meetings Policy June 2019 Filming-of-Meetings-Policy-June-2019.pdf 371.4 KB Freedom of Information Scheme of Details June 2019 FOI-Scheme-details-June-2019.pdf 509.6 KB Freedom of Information Policy June 2019 Freedom-of-Information-Policy-June-2019.pdf 375.1 KB Freedom of Information Request Form Freedom-of-Information-Request-Form.doc 432 KB Granting of Dispensation Policy June 2019 Granting-of-Dispensation-Policy-June-2019.pdf 656.2 KB Habitual or Vexatious Complainant Policy June 2019 Habitual-or-Vexatious-Complainants-Policy-June-2019.pdf 369.7 KB Health and Safety Policy June 2019 Health-and-Safety-Policy-June-2019.pdf 422.2 KB Learning and Development Policy June 2019 Learning-and-Development-Policy-June-2019.pdf 403.8 KB Newsletter Policy June 2019 Newsletter-policy-June-2019.pdf 551.6 KB Press and Media Policy June 2019 Press-and-Media-Policy-June-2019.pdf 375.2 KB Public Participation Policy June 2019 Public-Participation-Policy-June-2019.pdf 575.3 KB Scheme of Delegation June 2019 Scheme-of-Delegation-June-2019.pdf 402.2 KB Social Media & Website Policy February 2020 Social-Media-&-Website-Policy-February-2020.pdf 634.3 KB Standing Orders Agreed December 2019 Standing-Orders-December-2019.pdf 904.8 KB Terms of Reference MPC Committees June 2019 Terms-of-Reference-MPC-Committees-June-2019.pdf 542.3 KB Vehicle Policy June 2019 Vehicle-Policy-June-2019.pdf 542.4 KB