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Marden Charity


This is not a charity of Marden Parish Council.  However, it is a charity that Marden PC has a role in to provide trustees as a requirement of the charity's constitution.

 Registered with the Charity Commission 1183743

The Marden Community CIO has been created by combining 3 existing Marden Charities, The Victory Fund, The Sir Charles Booth Charity and The Allens and Maplesden Charity. 

The objective of the new charity is the relief of financial hardship, either generally or individually, of people living in Marden Parish by making grants of money available for providing or paying for items, services, or facilities.

What type of things are covered?

This is a grant to individuals living in the Civil Parish of Marden who are suffering hardship or illness, for specific purposes where funding is not normally available from other sources to assist with for example

  • Sight, hearing or mobility
    • Specific items of essential clothing or footwear
    • Glasses
    • Hearing aids
    • Household equipment such as raised toilet seat, walker, wheelchair, grabber
  • Quality of life or social care
    • Transport costs for hospital, day care or social care appointments/activities
    • Wellbeing e.g. hair cut/wash
  • Education and training for children & young people
    • Subject related text books
    • Course fees
    • Organised trips
  • Education and training for health and social care professionals
    • Specific training & or course books to aid in the care of Marden residents with specific needs where funding is not normally available from other sources

Grants will also be available to village organisations for specific projects.

How much can I apply for?

All grant payments will be at the discretion of Trustees a maximum grant of £100 will be payable to individuals and £500 to village organisations.

How can I apply?

You can download Individual and Group application forms below

If you are an individual applying for a grant the form will need to be countersigned by someone in a professional capacity who knows about your circumstances or one of the charity’s trustees (you will find their names below).

If you are applying on behalf of a village organisation you will need a trustee to countersign your application.


The trustees of the charity will always include the Chairman of the Parish Council and the Vicar of Marden.  The other trustees are Eunice Doswell, Ian Newton, Janice Collins, David Elphick, Dorothy Reed, Anne Cox and Kate Tippen.

Constitution of the Marden Community CIO

A copy can be downloaded below

For any further information please email: [email protected]