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Local Plan Review October 2020

Maidstone Borough Council has released information following the Call for Sites consultation in 2019.


Marden Parish Council (MPC) has met on several occasions, along with members of the public, to discuss this information and to put together a response to the MBC Strategic Planning and Infrastructure (SPI) Committee in November. 

Marden Parish Council has no present intention to meet with the developer because of our fundamental objections to the Site 309 proposals as repeated in our recent ‘Maidstone Borough Council Local Plan Review: Frequently Asked Questions – October 2020’ document:

This site is being promoted as a new ‘garden community’ but its nature and location fails to meet the

requirements in MBC’s prospectus for “urban extensions” or “new settlements”. It is demonstrably neither

an extension to the urban area (which in the local plan means the town of Maidstone) or a new settlement

separate from an existing village.

 Instead, it would rapidly become a ‘cuckoo’s nest’ development, overpowering and fundamentally altering the

character of Marden in a way wholly incompatible with the ‘Garden City’ principles it purports to adopt and

being the complete opposite of the clear intention of the Marden Neighbourhood Plan...

 The site is of a size and location that would not allow for suitable mitigation schemes to be physically or

financially implemented which would adequately mitigate the impacts... The site is therefore neither

sustainable development nor deliverable within the timescale of the revised Maidstone Local Plan and should

not therefore be included.

MPC's stance on all the sites remains the same as their response from the previous consultation http://www.mardenkent-pc.gov.uk/community/marden-parish-council-13394/mbc-local-plan-review/

Meetings have been held on 29th September, 3rd October and 6th October.  It is also on the agenda for Full Council on 13th October.  Further meetings may be called prior to submission before the SPI meeting on 9th November.

MPC have put together "Further Asked Questions" on this (see below).

A copy of MPC's response will be uploaded onto this page as soon as it has been agreed by Councillors.