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Maidstone Borough Council is holding a public consultation (Regulation 18b) about its approach to the Local Plan Review.  This consultation is open at the moment and runs until 22nd December 2020. 

For full information please click the links below to view on MBC’s website and to find out how to respond.

Local Plan Review - MBC Local Plan (maidstone.gov.uk)

Marden Parish Council have reviewed the consultation documents and at its meeting on 15th December 2020 approved its response and this has been sent to MBC today (17th December). 

Marden Parish Council encourages all residents to read through the document and response to the consultation – please note you only have until next Tuesday (22nd) to get your views across.  Please copy Marden Parish Council ([email protected]) into your response so that Cllrs know what your concerns are and what you think of the review.

Although site 309 (Garden Community – North of Marden) has not been included in the preferred approaches consultation and Marden Parish Council, along with many residents, welcome this omission they have still submitted their reasons for this site of unsuitability and unsustainable development (Annex C below).

The two sites that are still included in the preferred Approaches Consultation are site 295 – Land North of Copper Lane (Annex A below) and site 314 – Land East of Albion Road and Councillors have responded in detail on both these sites (Annex B below)

Marden Parish Council have also commented on the content of the Spatial Strategy, Spatial Strategic Policies Document and Policies Map and the Non-Strategic Policies – Development Management Preferred Approaches Document and all the comments can be viewed in Annexes D and E below.

A covering letter has also been sent outlining Marden Parish Council’s concerns – see below



The Local Plan Review - Preferred Approaches (Regulation 18) document has been prepared for public consultation. The consultation document sets out the preferred spatial strategy for future development, proposed amendments to existing strategic and development management policies and new development management policies for the period 2022-2037.

The Preferred Approaches document is accompanied by a consultation on the Sustainability Appraisal. Sustainability Appraisal is an iterative process which runs alongside the production of the Local Plan Review and helps inform the ongoing decision-making process. The Sustainability Appraisal document being consulted on considers the options for the spatial strategy, site allocations and garden settlements. An update to the Local Plan Review evidence base, including an update to the Strategic Land Availability Assessment and Habitat Regulations Screening Report, has also been published.

The Preferred Approaches document and Sustainability Appraisal, along with the Local Plan Review evidence base and other information can be viewed and downloaded from the borough council’s website https://localplan.maidstone.gov.uk/home/local-plan-review

If lifting of restrictions of Covid 19 allows The Maidstone Link in King Street and libraries to open, MBC will also make the document available for public inspection at these locations.

Please send MBC your comments using the consultation portal https://maidstone-consult.objective.co.uk/portal/

Alternatively, you can complete the response form (https://localplan.maidstone.gov.uk/home/local-plan-review) and send it to MBC

  • By email to [email protected]
  • By post to Strategic Planning, Maidstone Borough Council, Maidstone House, King Street, Maidstone, ME15 6JQ

Consultation on both documents open on Tuesday 1st December and we need to receive your comments no later than 5pm on Tuesday 22nd December.

Please note, in order to maintain compliance with the published timetable for the Local Plan Review (contained in the adopted Local Development Scheme) the 22nd December 2020 will be the cut-off date for any further call for sites submissions for this Local Plan Review. Site submissions received after this date cannot be guaranteed to be assessed and may be carried forward to the next review.

How will MBC use my data? All consultation comments will be made publicly available on the consultation portal (https://maidstone-consult.objective.co.uk/portal/ ) in due course. This is so that interested parties can view all the responses that have been received. Published information will include the comment and responder name. All demographic and contact data will be removed.   All data is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. The consultation responses will be used to inform the next stages of the Local Plan Review.


For advice and further information on Coronavirus:

please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response for regular updates.  Please  follow these guidelines and stay safe.

Marden Parish Council Meetings


Marden Parish Council CoVid-19 Policies and Guidelines for Volunteers and Vulnerable People:

Marden Parish Council Privacy Policies for Volunteers and Vulnerable People March 2020:


Government Guidelines for Volunteers on How to Help Safely: 


Marden Food Bank: 

Thank you to all the families in the village who have used/are using the new Foodbank. Thank you for your patience while things were set-up and procedures put in place - we are pleased to say that now it is established everything is running well.  The Church, Parish Council, Children’s Centre and School, who are all jointly involved with this and are delighted that you, those families who need it the very most, have been able to utilise the facilities, and that as a community we have been able to help meet your needs. We all hope that you are able to continue to access the supplies available and please remember that there is always someone you can contact to help in these difficult times.  Please see Marden Parish Church website for further details regarding Marden Food Bank: https://www.mardenchurch.org.uk/mardenfoodbank.htm or email [email protected]

Kent Together - Kent County Council 24 hour helpline:

A 24 hour helpline has been set up to support vulnerable people in Kent who need urgent help, supplies or medication. The helpline – called Kent Together – provides a single, convenient point of contact for anyone in the county who is in urgent need of help during the Coronavirus outbreak.  To view more details visit https://www.kent.gov.uk/

Bulletin from Helen Grant MP: 

https://mailchi.mp/52cfd58411f6/helen-grant-mp-e-communique-february-march-4401203 (please note the contact for Hunton Parish Council should be:  Mrs Sharon Goodwin [email protected]
If you wish to receive this bulletins directly please email Helen at [email protected] or sign in on her website www.helengrant.org

Marden Parish Council statement published on it's Facebook Page on 25th March 2020

The response from the community to the current crisis has been overwhelmingly positive and many have indicated that they want to be part of the community response.  Many of you are already helping those who are self-isolating or otherwise unable to leave their home at the moment and for that we thank you.

As everyone knows this is a very fast-moving situation and what seemed to be the right answer yesterday, is not necessarily the right answer today.  With the change in Government requirements this week many more people will be self-isolating and in need of help. 

Now that the Government has announced the setting up of NHS volunteer responders to help those most at risk during the crisis we want to ask all of you who have volunteered to the Parish Council  to consider signing up to this service to help those locally most in need with simple but vital tasks such as:

Delivering medicines from pharmacies;
Driving patients to appointments;
Bringing them home from hospital;
Making regular phone calls to check on people isolating at home.

You can find more information at https://www.goodsamapp.org/NHS.

Even if you are self-isolating and you want to help there is a role for you as they are looking for people to provide telephone support.

If you or anyone you know is in immediate need of the NHS volunteer responder service then please let Rachel know using the correct details ([email protected] or 07940 241333 - please note that the mobile and email are only monitored during office hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) and the Parish Council will do what we can to help.

Of course there are still many other roles for those who wish to volunteer to help locally, including helping family members, neighbours and friends with activities such as food shopping (but always taking notice of the Government's latest rules and guidance about social distancing etc).

The Children’s Centre, working with the Primary School and Marden Parish Church, are supporting local families in great need during this crisis through a food bank.  The Children’s Centre, School, Church and the Parish Council have received donations from residents, some of which are very significant, which will hopefully mean the food bank will be able to continue for as long as this crisis continues.  However, help is needed at the food bank, which is located at the Primary School. Volunteers are needed to make deliveries. Please contact Kathy Young on [email protected] to register your help. 

Please only volunteer if you are under 70, not in a category that should be self-isolating and are fit and healthy.

Thank you Marden for the tremendous effort so far, sadly this is only the beginning and we could be doing this for several months so please carry on with the good work you are already doing.


During this time Marden Parish Council, at its Extra Ordinary Full Council meeting held on 24th March 2020, agreed to hold meetings virtually via email until such time that Councillors could convene in person.   All meetings agendas and minutes will now be in the name of "Marden Parish Council Emergency Committee" and a separate page has been set up on the Minutes tab of this website.  It may not always be easy to advertise on the library notice board so apologies for this.

The first meeting of the Emergency Committee will be held on 31st March 2020 at 7.30pm http://www.mardenkent-pc.gov.uk/community/marden-parish-council-13394/emergency-committee/.  Any resident who wishes to make comment on any item please let Ali know by 5pm on the 31st March ([email protected] / 07376 287981).  Cllrs will convene, via email, at 7.30pm to discuss the applications.  Full minutes of this will be available to view by Monday 6th April on the website.


Marden Parish Council and Marden Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are thrilled with the resounding result of YES! from last night's Referendum. 

26.8% Voted
90.4% Voted Yes
9.6% Voted No

We would like to thank residents to taking the time to vote yesterday.

For more information on the Marden Neighbourhood Plan, please visit the Marden Neighbourhood Plan tab of this website or you can view hard copies of the documents at Marden Library or Marden Parish Council.

An updated MNP FAQs is also available to be viewed on the Neighbourhood Plan tab - a copy will be delivered with your Parish Newsletter week commencing 17th February 2020.


Marden Parish Council has finalised the response to MBC in sites 226, 309 and 318 and this can be found under the "MPC's Submission to Sites 226, 309 & 318" tab of the Local Plan/Call for Sites section.  All comments, photographs and information contained on that page have also been submitted to MBC.

Marden Parish Council has put together a "MBC Call for Sites FAQs" which can be found on the "MPC FAQs" site of this website.

Maidstone Borough Council has published the Call for Sites information for the borough and the full list of all sites can be viewed at https://www.maidstone.gov.uk/home/primary-services/planning-and-building/primary-areas/local-plan-review/call-for-sites?fbclid=IwAR3n9iZGdjE7GbfgALwlW3_C7WRd_bwTbcVpn4G2K2M3EXDKCULS9sOE76Y

Thank you to everyone that came along on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th November to talk with Cllrs and complete feedback forms for the Call for Sites, Community Infrastructure Spend & S106 suggestions and Outdoor Gym locations.

Cllrs are now in the process of looking through the other 19 sites and if you have any further information please send this to Ali at [email protected] before the end of February when the final response will be sent to MBC.  Any information received after this date will be kept on file for future reference.



Marden Parish Council was first elected in 1894 and this year celebrates 125 years of representing the residents of Marden.  Since then it has had 12 Chairmen and 9 Clerks.    MPC currently has 11 Councillors, 10 standing for election in 2016, one co-opted following the elections and one elected at the By-Election on 27th June 2019.  The next Parish Council elections are due in 2020.

Marden Parish Council is part of Marden, Yalding, Nettlestead and Collier Street Ward within Maidstone Borough Council.    Originally Collier Street was part of Marden Parish Council but  split away approximately 20 years ago.

The Parish of Marden, which includes Chainhurst, consists of mainly mixed farming and has a population of just over 4000 and with future development of approximately 500 dwellings due in the next few years this will grow tremendously.

MPC owns two areas of open space, one being the main playing field with football pitch and two play areas and the other being a more tranquil area with a play trail and picnic benches.  MPC also owns the parish cemetery which opened in 1932 following a compulsory purchase order from a local farm.  A new section is due to open within the next two years and a further acre is still available for future interments.

Over the years the role of the Parish Council has evolved and now includes running the annual summer play scheme, Christmas activities, managing the public conveniences, play equipment along with every day roles of risk assessments, finance, planning etc.

Marden Parish FAQs

Marden PC has produced two new FAQs and these can be found on the MPC  FAQs tab of this website:

Possible Future Development Proposals FAQs May 2019
Marden Neighbourhood Plan FAQS May 2019
Marden Neighbourhood Plan (Referendum update) FAQs February 2020
Draft S106 Agreements FAQs September 2019

Accessibility Statement

Marden Parish Council is committed to making its website accessible in accordance with the Public Sector Bodies (Website and Mobile Applications) (No.2) Accessibility Regulations 2018.

Please see below for the Accessibility Statement for Marden Parish Council.

We are currently updating our website to ensure it meets these regulations but should you encounter any problems in accessing any information on this website please call the parish office on 01622 832305.