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Marden Parish Council

Marden Cemetery

Marden Parish Council owns the Cemetery situated in Maidstone Road.  It has been open since 1932 and has had over 1600 burials and interment of ashes.

It is tended by Ian Jones, our Cemetery Caretaker, who prides himself in keeping the maintenance to a very high standard.

There are currently 4 areas:
Sections 1 & 2 - older part of the cemetery in which headstones and kerbstones are permitted
Section 3 - new section opened in 1993 in which only headstones are permitted however families are given permission to tend the plots to a maximum 2'6" x 6'.
Cremated Remains section (which also includes the children's area)

A new area is being plotted at the moment (Section 4) which will be used for burials and interment of ashes once the other sections are full.  This area is proposed to be a headstone only area (ie no plots permitted to be tended).  This is due to keeping costs down and ease of maintenance.

A plan of the cemetery can be viewed in the Parish Office and it is hoped in the near future to have it available on line.