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Marden Parish Council

HR & Finance Committee

Marden Parish Council's Finance Committee meets quarterly throughout the year to discuss the Parish Council's finance, budget and precept.  Agendas are published the week before each meeting and can be viewed on notice boards around the parish and on here.

The next Finance Committee meeting will be held on 15th October in the Parish Office meeting room to discuss the draft budget for 2020/21

Finance meeting dates:   5th November 2019 (tbc) / 5th February 2020 / 28th April 2020

Councillors on Finance Committee:
Richard Adam (Chairman)
Anne Boswell
Mick Jones
Lesley Mannington
Tom Stevens (Vice-Chairman)
Kate Tippen

Marden Parish Council's HR Sub-Committees meets quarterly throughout the year prior to Finance Committee meetings  to discuss the any staffing/personnel issues.  Agendas are published the week before each meeting and can be viewed on notice boards around the parish and on here.

The next HR Sub-Committee Meeting - tbc

Councillors on HR Sub-Committee are:
Anne Boswell
Mick Jones
Lesley Mannington (Vice-Chairman)
Kate Tippen (Chairman)


Historic Finance & HR Agenda and Minutes 2018/19

Draft Finance Minutes 30th April 2019 Draft-Finance-Minutes-300419.pdf 119.7 KB Finance Agenda 30th April 2019 Finance-300419.pdf 155.5 KB Draft HR Minutes 15th April 2019 Draft-HR-Minutes-150419.pdf 131.6 KB Agreed HR Minutes 2nd April 2019 Agreed-HR-Minutes-020419.pdf 139.4 KB HR Agenda 2nd April 2019 HR-Sub-Committee-Agenda-020419.pdf 325.5 KB Agreed HR Minutes 26th February 2019 Agreed-HR-Minutes-260219.pdf 465.2 KB HR Agenda 26th February 2019 HR-Sub-Committee-Agenda-260219.docx 518.2 KB Agreed HR Minutes 17th December 2018 Agreed-HR-Minutes-171218.pdf 450.5 KB HR Agenda 17th December 2018 HR-Sub-Committee-Agenda-171218.pdf 327.6 KB Agreed Finance Minutes 20th November 2018 Agreed-Finance-Minutes-201118.pdf 196.1 KB Finance Agenda 20th November 2018 Finance-201118.pdf 161.1 KB Agreed HR Minutes 16th November 2018 Agreed-HR-Minutes-161118.pdf 460.4 KB HR Agenda 16th November 2018 HR-Sub-Committee-Agenda-161118.pdf 327.5 KB Agreed Finance Minutes 23rd October 2018 Agreed-Finance-Minutes-231018.pdf 270.3 KB Finance Agenda 23rd October 2018 Finance-Agenda-231018.pdf 161.6 KB Agreed HR Minutes 15th October 2018 Agreed-HR-Minutes-151018.pdf 456.2 KB HR Agenda 15th October 2018 HR-Sub-Committee-Agenda-151018.pdf 324.7 KB Agreed HR Minutes 20th August 2018 Agreed-HR-Minutes-200818.pdf 464.7 KB HR Agenda 20th August 2018 HR-Sub-Committee-Agenda-200818.pdf 331 KB Agreed Finance Minutes 26th June 2018 Agreed-Finance-Minutes-260618.pdf 262.1 KB Three Year Financial Plan 26th June 2018 Three-Year-Financial-Plan-260618.pdf 691.7 KB Finance Agenda 26th June 2018 Finance-Agenda-260618.pdf 153.6 KB