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Marden Parish Council

Summer Play Scheme 2020

2020 Summer Play Scheme will run from Monday 27th July to Friday 7th August 9.30am to 3.30pm (or mornings only).

Registration forms will be available to download or hard copies can be obtained from the Parish Council or Primary School offices from 1st June 2020.

Please note a separate registration form must be completed for each child and your child must have reached their 5th birthday by 1st September 2019.

You can find all the Play Scheme Policies and Appendices below.

Photos below are from previous years play schemes.



Marden Play Scheme Policies

Policy & Appendix Index Policy-Index.pdf 153.2 KB Staffing Policy Policy-1-Staffing.pdf 255.1 KB Staff Development and Training Policy Policy-2-Staff-Development-and-Training.pdf 244.6 KB Staff Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures Policy-3-Staff-Disciplinary-and-Grievance-Procedures.pdf 264.9 KB Mission Statement Policy-4---Mission-Statement.pdf 237.1 KB Settling In Policy Policy-5---Settling-In.pdf 221.8 KB Arrivals and Departures Policy Policy-6---Arrivals-and-Departures.pdf 225.9 KB Care, Learning and Play Policy Policy-7---Care,-Learning-and-Play.pdf 232 KB Physical Environment Policy Policy-8---Physical-Environment.pdf 220.9 KB Equipment Policy Policy-9---Equipment.pdf 218.4 KB Health and Safety Policy Policy-10---Health-and-Safety.pdf 294.2 KB Risk Assessment Policy Policy-11---Risk-Assessment.pdf 239.2 KB Site Security Policy Policy-12---Site-Security.pdf 265.1 KB Fire Safety Policy Policy-13---Fire-Safety.pdf 231.6 KB Health, Illness and Emergency Policy Policy-14---Health,-Illness-and-Emergency.pdf 265.2 KB Hygiene Policy Policy-15---Hygiene.pdf 242.4 KB Infectious and Communicable Diseases Policy Policy-16---Infectious-and-Communicable-Diseases.pdf 239 KB Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs Policy Policy-17---Smoking,-Alcohol-and-Drugs.pdf 223.7 KB Food and Drink Policy Policy-18---Food-and-Drink.pdf 222.5 KB Inclusive and Accessible Admissions Policy Policy-19---Inclusive-and-Accessible-Admissions-(EOps).pdf 245.4 KB Dealing with Racial Harassment Policy Policy-20---Dealing-with-Racial-Harassment.pdf 280.1 KB Special Needs Policy Policy-21---Special-Needs.pdf 239.8 KB Behaviour Management Policy Policy-22---Behaviour-Management.pdf 252.6 KB Bullying Policy Policy-23---Bullying.pdf 243 KB Suspensions and Exclusions Policy Policy-24---Suspensions-and-Exclusions.pdf 222.8 KB Partnership with Parents and Carers Policy Policy-25---Partnership-with-Parents-and-Carersr.pdf 234.7 KB Uncollected Children Policy Policy-26---Uncollected-Children.pdf 219.7 KB Missing Children Policy Policy-27---Missing-Children.pdf 234.3 KB Complaints Procedure Policy-28---Complaints-Procedure.pdf 231.7 KB Child Protection/Safeguarding Children Policy Policy-29---Child-Protection-_-Safeguarding-Children.pdf 265.6 KB Documentation and Information Policy Policy-30---Documentation-and-Information.pdf 261.5 KB Visits and Outings Policy Policy-31---Visits-and-Outings.pdf 242.4 KB Recruitment of Ex Offenders Policy Policy-32---Recruitment-of-Ex-offenders.pdf 92.6 KB Information Security Policy Policy-33---Information-Security.pdf 92.6 KB Funded Places Policy Policy-34---Funded-Places.pdf 85.6 KB Registration Policy Policy-35---Registration.pdf 82.1 KB